RAM (Reliability Access Management) System is MIT’s multi-purpose, web based program.  The program allows users to enter CML thickness data for UT, and PRT inspections, API 579 Fitness for Service and B31.G information.  RAM can calculate data for B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, B31.11, S8/D1 and API 653.  Users may run various reports, store and retrieve API Internal and External reports, Repair reports, Name Plate Fabrication reports, Manufacturer Data reports and any other (miscellaneous) reports that may be required for reference.  RAM has a built-in QA/QC system for API reports and for Thickness Data reports.  The program stores and compares prior data to current data to detail corrosion rates for equipment.  It has the capability to track completion and report progress of projects.  Tutorial videos have been incorporated for help in navigating through and using the system.  


User permissions can be set for any level of user from general to Administrator, allowing access to specified features for each level of permissions.  Because RAM is web based, it can be used anywhere a computer and internet access are available without having to store the program on individual computers.