MIT International specializes in industrialized rope access for inspection. From onshore to offshore, our experience and expertise allow us to cost-effectively inspect and repair equipment in the most challenging locations. We provide this unique access while maintaining a world-class safety record. Our quality assurance program continually monitors our rope access equipment and observes our technician’s safety practices on an ongoing basis. In fact, in 10 years we have had only a single recordable incident and we have never had a lost-time incident. Rope Access is a cost effective solution to accessing and inspecting otherwise inaccessible equipment.

MIT International rope access technicians are able climbers, certified by SPRAT, IRATA and are accomplished in their trades. This allows us to perform inspection tasks from simple UT measurements to complex surveys and maintenance work ranging from small repairs to large scale welding. Anywhere access is needed, we can be of assistance.



Our Process

MIT International takes a three-step approach to safety: planning, meeting and rigging redundant systems.

Planning – Every job is thoroughly assessed, planned and documented by the Level III rope access safety supervisor before work begins. Safety, effectiveness and specific procedures involved in accessing the intended point are incorporated into the rigging plan. A site-specific rescue plan is also documented and reviewed with all team members prior to the start of work.
Meeting – Each day a safety tailgate meeting is held at the start of every shift to review procedures and safety issues as well as complete job hazard analysis and risk assessment forms.
Rigging – All equipment meets or exceeds Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements. Anchor slings, carabiners, ropes and harnesses are attached with lanyards and containment buckets are used for added safety.

Safety Certified

Our trained technicians work efficiently in difficult and awkward locations, with safety always being our top priority. We have added Welding Procedure Qualifying ASME Section IX SMAW CS P-1 to Group 1/2. Our training and equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements. Each technician follows comprehensive safety guidelines for rope access in accordance with SPRAT and IRATA guidelines for quality assurance, safety, training, documentation and working practices. Under SPRAT and IRATA guidelines, each rope access technician is assessed for safety and competence by an independent assessor.

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