Fitness for Service (FFS)is performed on pressure retaining equipment such as piping, pressure vessels and tanks.  Level I Fitness for Service is an evaluation used to determine the useful life of equipment in which a flaw was detected.  The results of the evaluation provide information to the client which is useful in deciding if equipment can be run safely as-is, requires repairs, should be re-rated to continue operation or needs to be replaced.  MIT offers this service in conjunction with our NDT services as a cost-effective solution to.

FFS Example


MIT offers B31.G Level I Pipeline Corrosion Defect Assessment in conjunction with our NDT inspection services.  B31.G is used to assess corrosion on pipelines and serves as a tool in determining if the pipeline needs to be replaced, repaired, rerated or may remain in service as-is.  Our B31.G reports provide customers with current and future pressure allowances in a convenient and easy to understand format.  Each analysis is accompanied by supporting documentation, thickness evaluations and drawings.

B31.g cover